Dispatches From The Gulf 2

World premier hosted by Gasparilla Film Festival and the Marine Exploration Center


This film leaves a lasting impression and makes it difficult for even the most “non-scientific” of viewers to leave without being interested in being part of a future solution. Nearly a decade after the devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the lasting effects on marine life in the Gulf of Mexico are made evident. .


Dispatches From The Gulf 2  shares accounts from numerous “dispatches” around the globe,  dedicated to closely monitoring and rehabilitating the life affected from the oil spill. From research on dolphin maternity and marine snow to the significant decline of oysters.


Attendees to the screening at the AMC Sundial theaters were invited to the Marine Exploration Center for a reception immediately following. Our reception included a moderated panel including Marilyn and Hal Weiner, directors of the film, Bill Mills, director of photography, and USF research scientists Patrick Schwing and Susan Snyder.


“Ask the American people if you believe the weather is changing, they will say yes. But ask if there is climate change and they will say no. This is a problem.” Hal Weiner becomes powerfully sentimental. “The divide is caused by people not understanding or believing in science. Science is math. Science is history. Science is economics. Science forms art. Care about science!” His wife Marilyn continues by touching on the need for more scientists to become presentable and social. “Out of 100 scientists, only about 15 will be good at telling their story.”


Further questions and responses mentioned plans for future research in the Gulf to continue observing the effects of oil introduction on marine life in the Gulf as well as the possibility of a third installment in the Dispatches From The Gulf series!


For more information about Dispatches From The Gulf 2 and the trailer visit http://dispatchesfromthegulf.com/