Marine Exploration Center of St. Petersburg, FL (MEC) seeks a part-time aquarist to support maintenance and education operations at Rumfish Grill of St. Pete Beach, FL. MEC conducts guest programs for Rumfish Grill, including behind-the-scenes tours of aquarium operations and guest snorkel programs, and maintains the aquarium systems of Rumfish Grill, most notably a 33,500 gallon display showcasing native Florida fishes.

Applicants should have experience both in the maintenance of marine aquarium systems, and leading educational programming for varied age groups. Knowledge of Florida marine and estuarine habitats, marine invertebrate husbandry, and Florida sport fish identification is desirable. Scuba certification is required for this position. Candidates are expected to work independently and be capable of the physical demands of the position (diving and cleaning aquaria, unloading salt shipments, etc). Position responsibilities include but are not limited to: filtration systems maintenance, assisting with quarantine and fish disease identification, water quality testing, diet preparation and feeding, maintenance diving, record keeping, exhibit cleaning, volunteer supervision, and leading guest tours.

Applicants must be able to commit to a minimum of two weekly shifts, including one on Monday mornings from 8am – 12pm. Opportunities for additional work hours at Rumfish Grill and other aquaria maintained by MEC are anticipated. Applicants may also apply to the part-time aquarist position for Rumfish Grill, Tampa International Airport.


To apply, send resumé and references to: