• Karen A. Steidinger Auditorium, FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (map)
  • 100 8th AVE SE
  • Saint Petersburg, FL

Our friends at the USF College of Marine Science are hosting a three part series called "Frontiers In Marine Science." Visiting national and international experts will discuss their exciting work from marine biodiversity to paleoclimate, to the fate of Antarctic ice sheets and more!

1:30PM - “Drilling Back to the Future: Secrets Hidden in the Chemistry of Ancient Dirt” - Tina van De Flierdt Ph.D., Imperial College London England

3:15PM - “Enemy at the Gates: Ocean Circulation and the Fate of Antarctic Ice Sheets” - Andrew Thompson Ph.D., CalTech

For more information and to RSVP: https://www.marine.usf.edu/eminent-scholar-lecture-series/eminent-scholars-lecture-series-2019/