As scientists, learning is central to our daily life. As such, educational opportunities at the Marine Exploration Center are abundant and as vibrant as the marine life we support. We'll even bring the mysteries of the sea to you!

We invite you and your students to explore diverse marine environments of the world, including organisms that inhabit them and natural and anthropogenic processes that impact them. Our discovery includes marine life in Tampa Bay, extending to the Caribbean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean's colorful coral reefs.


All of our programs are aligned with the Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and include a variety of marine science, technology, research and innovation designed to meet the needs of your students.


Education Programs:


Mobile Habitat Center

The Marine Exploration Center is the public face for research being conducted by the St. Petersburg Ocean Team and a global education leader. Our non profit (501 c3) organization, through our education outreach, translates complex scientific information on the oceans, aquatic animals, conservation and up-to-date environmental issues into fun, easy-to-understand marine exploration education, volunteer opportunities, and experiences.


Gifted to us by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and under restoration thanks to generous donations by donors. The mobile experience travels to schools, community events, and is available for private hire for birthday parties/events.

30 ft Mobile Marine Education Center featuring a variety of habits including:

  • Coral Reefs

  • Salt marshes

  • Beaches

  • Mangroves

  • Touch Tank

  • All mobile exhibits include an aquarist/marine educator on site.

Guy Harvey Resort Programs:

Touch Tank

Interact with live creatures while we teach you the basics of coastal invertebrate biology and ecology.

“Lets Talk Trash”

Trash, Marine Debris and Its Impact On Our Ocean’s Today.

Consider the trash you produce and the footprints you leave behind.

Learn how long items take to decompose and how you can make a difference by making changes and managing proper disposal.

Through video, hands on activities and discussion we will show how trash becomes marine debris, how long it takes to biodegrade, and its harmful effects on the ocean today. We will teach that proper choices can help keep trash from entering the ocean and help the environment. 30-45 minutes K-12th Grade: Ages 6-18. Maximum: 30 students

Swim With The Fishes: Curated by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

Basic components and topics include:

  • Aquarium maintenance and organism husbandry (how we filter, why we quarantine, animal training, feeding, etc)

  • Snorkel swim in the tank

  • Learn about the aquaria, building, installation, selection of fish and what is takes to maintain 75,000 gallons. 

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Now the #3 rated “Thing to Do” in St. Pete Beach on Conducted in tandem by our aquarist staff and hotel staff.